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Debonair Doubles results rnd 1

Some great matches played in the first round of the Debonair Doubles 2020 sponsored by SuperValu Buncrana,with two matches won by a single hole and one went down the 19th.


1. D. Coyle + F. McHale v G. Mclaughlin + P. Mclaughlin G + P. McLaughlin win 1up

2. N.Boyle + P. Boyle v H. Deehan + G. Harkin N + P. Boyle win 1 up

3. J. Spence + C. Doherty v D. McDermott + D. Mc Gowan D. McDermott + D. Mc Gowan win on 1st extra hole

4. D. Montgomery + E. Hillick v B. Grant + P. O'Hea B. Grant + P. O'Hea Win 3 and 2

5. M. McCaul + S. McCaul v J. Mc Laughlin + M. Mc Laughlin Jr. J + M Mclaughlin win 2 and 1


1. A. McDermot + E. Grant v B. Grant + P. O'Hea.

2. T. McElhinney + K. Daly v M. Glenn + M. Mclaughlin

3. G McLaughlin + P. Mclaughlin v D. McDermot + D. McGowan

4. N. Boyle + P. Boyle v J. Mclaughlin + M. Mclaughlin Jr.

Quarter final matches to be played by Wednesday 12th August 2020.

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