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North West Golf Club statement 16/03/2020: COVID-19 measures

As the season commences tomorrow under a cloud of uncertainty due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, we would like everyone looking to attend to take heed of all official advice. Currently the advice given by the Irish Government permits gatherings of up to 100 persons for indoor events and 500 for outdoor events. Given the request from the Irish government yesterday for all bars and hotels to close, the council at North West Golf Club has in the interest of health and safety taken the tough decision to close the bar until further notice. As things stand the advice is that competitions may go ahead and we will continue to take advice on this from the Irish government and the GUI. Any change in circumstances will be relayed through the clubs social media and website.

The risk of infection for participants of non contact outdoor sports such as golf is minimal but each person should make a decision based on their own circumstances whether to attend or not. With that in mind we would like to ask the members and visitors of North West Golf Club to adhere to the following measures to limit the risk to staff, members and visitors alike:

-If you are feeling under the weather or are displaying any symptoms please stay away and self isolate where possible.

-While at the club, please do not congregate inside the shop.

-Pay by contactless payment when making a payment to reduce risk to staff handling cash.

-Maintain a social distance of 1-2m while on the course.

-Wash hands often while in the clubhouse and use the hand sanitizer which has been made available throughout the club, especially before and after using the touchscreen facility.

-Avoid the traditional handshakes and pats on the back on the course. A simple well played or well done is good enough for most.

As previously mentioned we are a low risk facility and all efforts are being made to increase sanitation throughout the club, but we do need the support of everyone using the facilities to ensure that we can continue to enjoy our game throughout this trying time. We ask that all members and visitors co-operate with club officials at this time.

Last but not least, when times are hard it is easy to forget to enjoy ourselves, so head down, swing true and have a bit of craic on the course.

Gerry Harkin

Hon. Secretary North West Golf Club

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