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Course Improvements

It's a difficult time for everyone from home schooling to normal life not being the same. It's a strange time on the links also, as we would be trying to manage winter wear or having a conversation over tea on who never fixed their pitchmark, who never replaced their Divot's or even getting annoyed on the shape of the Bunkers in the afternoon after the morning spent raking them.

It's just not the same on the links and we all long for normality to be restored, we miss the banter between and from our Members, the great scores of the weekend past and Mickey Bradley (Thursday Society Captain) Friday morning phone call giving out about the many 2's scored on the par 3's 😁.

As the snowdrops start to protrude through the grass on the verges the signs are that a new season is around the corner. The wet & cold January & February will be behind us, were we wouldn't have had many opportunities for a game on the links.

We would like to Congratulate 2021 Captain Mr John Mallon as Captain of the Club and everyone in the committee on their appointments, the committee are working hard to make sure this year is going to be a good one for all our Members & Visitors. The Club continue to invest in the course and with the help of Members we can only make our course better.

As many of you haven't been on the Links or had the opportunity to talk with us (the Greenstaff & Greens Convenor) we have been caring for the course, we will not bore you with the Agronomy of the surfaces but to inform you that the surfaces are holding up well, the greens might be a little slow as the height of mowing is set at 6.5mm.


New Sign at the 6th Tee.

This Tee has one of many great view's and a great opportunity for you and your Golf buddies to take a picture and post it on social media, (free advertising) .

New step's on 6th

New Step's on 6th Tee.

Kindly Sponsored by Mr Brian O Sullivan new steps are being constructed to provide safe access to the 6th Tee.


New Picket Fence

A new Picket Fence is being installed at the front of the Clubhouse, this is to minimise a low struck shot from causing damage or injury. This fence goes around the left hand side of the Putting green also. Thanks to Marty McGrellis for his assistant and help with this project.


New Bridges on 10th

The old bridge at the 10 was structurally unsound, the plan is to replace and build 3 replica bridges on the 10th/11th stream. Thank You to Paul Doherty Glentown Stone for donating the stone to construct these bridges.

This essential work is part of our Health and Safety protocol to make North West a safe place to enjoy a game of golf.


A number of Tees have been levelled 13th, 15th, back Tee on 2nd and new turning areas for golf buggies installed.


When the weather is not good, the staff have been busy keeping the Club's machinery fleet. Servicing, Sharpening and Replacing worn parts.


Everyday in lockdown will be a day closer to normal times, a game of golf and handing the 5er over at the back of the 18th Green or visa versa.🏌️⛳💰

If you are interested in a project or want to get involved you can contact Kevin, Damien or any Member of the Club Council.

If you have any Stone Masonry skills it would be an advantage 😜.

Big thanks Tomàs, Denis and Joe for their great work on the Links.

Stay safe and we hope to see you very soon.

Damien Doherty (Links Superintendent)

Kevin Daly (Greens Convenor)

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