Did you hear the Latest?

Greetings Golfers and welcome to the 7th edition of “By the Fireside with Captain Paul.” Apologies for being a little late this month but I was waiting for some good news which thankfully has materialised. But more of that later.

There is a great buzz about the place at the minute. We have seen an increase in Competition entries with some fantastic scores along the way. All that lockdown practice seems to be paying off! Congratulations to Damien and Conor for all their hard work in getting the competitions up and running. It is a hard job at the best of times but even harder recently with the goalposts seemingly moved on a weekly basis. Thanks boys. We should all look forward to the new format for the Debonair Championships. This involves a qualifying competition followed by quarters, semis and final played in the following week. It’s a bold idea and one which can create excitement around the club. Let’s give it our support! Our mini Open Weekend will take place this w