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Winter Projects

As part of the winter programme the Greenstaff are working on the 10th hole over the next couple of weeks.

The bunker on the left will be filled in and new bunkers constructed on the right side.

Proposed Plan 10th


Some aeration work was done to the greens over the last week, greens were rolled and a hand mow carried out Friday last.

Slit tining greens and Verti-draining

This is essential work to help keep the surfaces in good condition over the winter and into next season.


Work is on-going on bunker repairs, with new revetted faces on some bunkers. These bunkers are marked GUR until the turf roots.

Some of these areas will be out of play for sometime, if all golfers can avoid walking over newly turfed areas until they recover.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Links Greenstaff

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7:50am Unfortunately we will have a frost delay this morning. Next review on the links will be at 10:30am.


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