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The return to competitive golf: Housekeeping

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

As we enter phase three of covid-19 restrictions today, tomorrow sees the return to competitive golf at the North West Golf Club with the Tuesday open, but not exactly as we know it. Members and visitors are asked are to be aware of a couple of differences and changes to local rules to facilitate the restrictions imposed on us.

First up, Bunkers! Should your ball come to rest in a bunker you may place the ball within 6 inches of where it came to rest without improving the surface of the bunker first. This means that you will not be able to smooth the sand where you intend to place the ball, so lets all make a conscious effort to smooth the sand out with our feet or a club after we enter a bunker. Leave the bunker in the same state you would hope to find it in. Further to this a player must mark the ball before preferring their lie and may not clean the ball before placing.

Fairways. Going forward the ball must be played where it lies when coming to rest on a fairway. No more placing. We are looking into the return of sand bags and when this happens we will be asking members to take a bag and fill in divots on the course.

Next, we have had a few queries about putt buddies and in particular what happens if the ball hits the putt buddy and bounces out of the hole. In short, this is not to be considered holed and you will need to hole out if this happens.

Score Entry:

Members will have various options here which are outlined below:

  • Score entry will be via the PSI in the Junior Room. Please practice Social Distancing and use the sanitisers. Anyone not wishing to use the touch screen may leave their cards in the box provided and our Competitions Team will enter scores or they may enter their scores through the score entry page on the website. If the score is entered via the website you should hold onto your card for 1 week for verification. A summary of what you entered will be emailed to you. If you have issues entering via the website or you notice a mistake when you have received the email of what you entered please contact Stephen via

  • Players are to mark their own card and at end of round sign it and get playing partner to verify the score then sign their name on the card yourself. Therefore, there will be no need to worry about handling other people cards for signing or marking.

  • Final Result: The result of the competition is final when all results have been posted by the committee. In match play the result of a match is final when the result is officially recorded on the competition score sheet. With the current arrangements this may take longer than usual. Please be patient.

Remember, we are all playing under the same conditions and we should continue to be courteous to each other on and off the course. There maybe mistakes made while we get used to the new temporary rules and processes so lets give each other the benefit of the doubt.

For online score entry please use the following link:

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation .

EDIT: All cards must be returned for handicapping purposes.

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