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Realignment of 10th hole

Dear members

Over the last weekend several residents of Links View Park, which runs parallel with the 10th fairway, raised their concerns about stray golf balls landing in their gardens, citing incidences of lucky escapes. In seeking to resolve the issues raised, to the mutual benefit of both parties, NWGC council are implementing the following changes immediately. 1) OB markers moved in towards right hand side edge of 10th fairway. 2) Markers on 10th tee to be realigned to direct the flight of golf balls toward the left hand side of fairway. 3) 10th fairway to be widened 4) Engage with professionals to obtain the best long term solution to, both playing, and the health and safety of all stakeholders. We can assure all members that these decisions were not taken lightly. NWGC council is fully committed to liaising and working alongside the residents to resolve the issues raised. Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter. NWGC council

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