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One Week In

Well that's the first week over from the temporary closure and I have to say it went well. The Course is in decent condition the ball removing device's are working well, Perhaps the Greens are little a slower than we would like. The reason for this is we have some Poa Annua grass that is seeding and efforts are being made to eradicate this and we will be able to achieve better speeds on the putting surfaces.

The hard work of the staff to continue to maintain the course with a skeleton crew over the lockdown has paid dividends. The Members who Volunteered has been invaluable and very much appreciated, I hope the Course pays you all back with every lucky bounce you all get.

Unfortunately when out on the Course this evening we have unrepaired Pitchmarks, Divot's not replaced and we think we could do a little better with leveling out our footprints in the bunkers. At a time when it's Members only we can't blame the Visitors or Societies. This is our course for us all to enjoy we must take care of it and respect the people playing behind us.

We would like to keep the standard of the Links as pristine as possible and this requires every member to do their bit. Please keep to the etiquette of Golf and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

With the forecast good for the week ahead we hope to see you all out enjoying the course while complying with the current legislation.


The Greens Committee

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