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North West Golf Club results. Week ending 23/02/2020

Poor weather continued to affect play this week with only two competitions going ahead. The course has taken a battering again but is holding up well and hopefully with a few good dry days we will be back to normal. When that will happen though is anyone's guess at the minute.

One thing we can say for sure is that no matter what the weather the Thursday Society will go ahead and this was proven to be correct again this week with 27 hearty souls turning up to play. With familiar names on the podium again, it was Hugh Doran who took home the spoils with a great score of 35 points over 14 holes. Sean Rafferty was in second place this week with a score that would win most 14 hole comps, beating out Thursday Society stalwart Dudley Coyle by three shots. Well done to all who took part and for their continued support.

  1. Hugh Doran 35pts

  2. Sean Rafferty 32pts

  3. Dudley Coyle 29pts

The best day of the week was Sunday and with this we saw a bit of a heavy weight battle at the top of the leader board. With the competition reduced to 14 holes due to flooding from the recent storms, it was Darren McLaughlin who won out over Padraig MacLochlain by 1 point, with 1 birdie and 10 pars. Fantastic shooting from both players here. Taking third spot (again) on a break of tie was, you guessed it, the one and only Dudley Coyle. I'll have what ever he is drinking I think.

  1. Darren McLaughlin 30pts

  2. Padraig Maclochlain 29pts

  3. Dudley Coyle 29pts (BOT)

With the current weather conditions affecting the course, we would like to remind members to repair any damage on greens and please try and avoid softer areas and fairways with buggies and carts where possible. The greens staff are working hard to get the course back up to where we would all like it, but its up to each member to do their part. Here's hoping that Barra Best has some good news for us this week.

Photo credit: Garry McLaughlin

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