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New Bridges

Hi Folks,

As we hope to get some news soon on a possible ease of Covid Restrictions the 11th stream has got a make over with the addition of 3 new Bridges.

I'm sure we all have tried a new hobby or tested out a new skill over Lockdown? the Greenstaff have been adding Stonemasonry to their skill set, under the Mentorship of Mikey Bradley. A big thanks to Mickey for his help and time to achieve this work.

To form a coping on to the Stonework Club Member Raymond Gallagher was on had to set his skills and form a beautiful shape of coping that gives these bridges a great finish. A big thanks to Raymond for his help and assistance.

Denis Harkin & Joe McColgan (Greenstaff) made use of their former skills before their paths led them into Greenkeeping. Great work by all the team.

Thanks to Paul Doherty for donating the Stone to build the bridges. If anyone is interested in getting some stone for your project check out

It's Members what makes a Club, getting involved and freely volunteering is what makes everyone associated with the North West Golf Club proud.



The Seamus McBearty Bridge has had a new Coping added. The bridge has also been lowered to increase the view of the 11th green.


This work has been carried out to insure that the Club can provide safe bridges for all our Members to cross when we reopen and is part of our Health and Safety on Course upgrades program.

Old Sleeper Bridge replaced as the old timber was no longer safe to use.


Damien Doherty

Links Superintendent

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