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Missed putt due to pitch mark sends local amateur golfer over the edge.......

Ok, now that we have your attention, North West Golf Club prides itself on the continual excellence of the greens, due mainly to the hard work and dedication of the Greenkeeper Team.

However to maintain the greens' true surfaces - free of pitch marks - the help and cooperation is required of all who play on them. Each time a golf ball hits the putting surface, it leaves a mark.

Golf etiquette dictates that YOU repair any damage to the putting surface.

A properly repaired pitch mark takes just a few days to recover

An un-repaired pitch mark takes on average 25 days to recover

An improperly repaired pitch mark can take almost 40 days to recover

So we APPEAL to EVERYONE to take the 15-20 seconds required to repair pitch marks - properly!

Further to this there has been what looks like deliberate damage done on the 8th green which was discovered on Monday morning. Deliberate damage to the course is a serious issue and this will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you see someone causing deliberate damage to any part of the course, please report this to the greenstaff or to staff in the clubhouse.

How to repair a pitch mark-

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