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Keeping Golfers Golfing.

Members of North West, below are some of the measures that we have put in place to safeguard members and staff and to try to facilitate golf on the links. Advice and directions are changing daily but we will do our best to manage the situation to the satisfaction of all. In addition to these measures, members are encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others by making decisions based on their own particular circumstances.

The upstairs area of the Clubhouse is closed. The locker rooms/toilets will remain open. Please use the locker room entrance and not the main doors.

Competitions are proceeding with the following adjustments….

-Rakes have been removed from bunkers. Anyone whose ball lands in a bunker should play the ball as it lies and smooth the sand afterwards with their feet or club as best they can. (Some bunkers are still GUR)

-Pins should not be removed. Cups have been upturned so that the ball is easily retrievable.

-Scorecards will not be used. When entering a competition in the shop players will not be issued with scorecards. (although players may want to take one for their own record) On completion of a round players should enter their scores in the computer terminal which has been re-located to the old Juvenile locker room. Two players at a time in the room in order to verify scores. Do NOT leave cards. (Ladies will be advised on their own arrangements.)

-Divot bags have been removed.

-One person per buggy (€10)

Paramount in all we do is keeping safe! These measures are designed to prolong the time we might be able to enjoy our game with all the benefits that it can bring in these difficult times.

It has been encouraging to see people stepping up to the mark, making tough decisions and working for the benefit of all. In that regard it is fitting that I acknowledge the work being done by all our staff. Thank you.

Captain Paul

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