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It's Our Course

Golf has been played on the Lisfannon Links for over 140 + years, long before the Club was founded. We are the custodians of the links and have a responsibility to Preserve, Promote and Protect. The Head Greenkeeper and his team manages the course to these guidelines.

Unfortunately some show little respect to the historic links.

Some don't repair Bunkers and choose to walk around rakes rather than use it to repair their damage.

The Greenstaff try and protect areas to keep grass coverage, but some refuse to follow signs.

(Sign.. "What sign, Where. ..oops")

Unfortunately someone uses our facilities as their own personal practice area and don't repair their divot. As seen in the picture below 😔.

(Front of 4th Green)

These are our facilities and we welcome everyone to come visit, enjoy and have a great time. It is everyone responsibility to ensure you leave the course as you found it, that the people playing behind you get to have an enjoyable experience too!

Please :

Observer Course Signage.

Repair Your Divots, Bunkers and Pitch Marks.

Please use Divot bags to help repair your divots.

Thank you for your cooperation and let's up our game on Course Etiquette !!

The Greens Committee.

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7:50am Unfortunately we will have a frost delay this morning. Next review on the links will be at 10:30am.


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