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Essential Maintenance

Hi Everyone

While we are all doing our bit in this pandemic, if it's staying at home, or supporting our heroes on the frontline. The Greenstaff have been continuing to maintain the course so that we have our course in the best condition possible for you all to enjoy when golf is allowed.

All the winter worn areas have been overseeded and nutrition added to aid recovery. Tees have been seeded, top dressed with 30ton of sand to level up.

Fairways have all been treated with nutrition and soil conditioners and are in good shape and ready for some Divot's 😁.

The greens have had some TLC too, nutrition, aeration and a nice heavy sand dressing to level up Winter pitch marks.

As the course is a great open space and a safe place to be on, we find it frustrating to see lots of people using it to exercise their dogs. The concern we have is we have nesting birds in the rough, as well as having to clean up behind these people. Dogs are not allowed on the course and you will be asked to leave by the staff if you are using the facilities for dog exercise.

Although the rest is good for the Course we would swap it all to get back to normal. Stay safe folks and we hope to see you all back on the Links Soon

The Greens Committee

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