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Debonair Doubles Quarter Final results

Quarter final stage in the Debonair Doubles sponsored by SuperValu Buncrana. Conditions were tricky on the course with swirling winds to contend with. One match wen the full hog, with Niall and Patrick Boyle winning out on the last hole over the very experienced pairing of Justin and Michael McLaughlin.

The draw for the Semi Final pitches youth versus experience in both ties and it will be interesting to see who wins out on Friday. Semi Final matches must be played by Friday 14th August with the final penciled in for this Sunday. Best of luck to all in what has been a fantastic competition so far.


1. A. McDermott + E. Grant v B. Grant + P. O'Hea B. Grant + P. O'Hea 3 & 2

2. T. McElhinney + K. Daly v M. Glenn + M. McLaughlin M. Glenn + M. McLaughlin 4 &3

3. G McLaughlin + P. Mclaughlin v D. McDermott + D. McGowan D. McDermott + D. McGowan 6 & 5

4. N. Boyle + P. Boyle v J. Mclaughlin + M. Mclaughlin Jr. N. Boyle + P. Boyle 1 up


1. D McDermott + D McGowan v B Grant + P O'Hea.

2. N Boyle + P Boyle v M Glenn + M McLaughlin.

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