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Christmas is Coming! Hopefully!

Greetings Golfers,

I hope you are well and looking forward to getting back on the links. Please be patient. We are trying to ensure that everyone who wants to play can get tee-times booked. To that end we may have a reduced course so that more people can get out in daylight hours. A lot of work has been ongoing on the course during the break. We will be dropping off the fairways when we return so competitions will likely be non-counting. Our competitions team has been working tirelessly to get the systems up and running in the wake of the introduction of WHS. We will all see a change in our handicaps which should settle down as we proceed. I have been cut .1 but I am now in single figures at “Scrabble” and “Crosswords” but “Patience” still alludes me!

It is very important that we adhere to the procedures in place to keep ourselves and others safe. We are still in the grip of this pandemic and further lock-downs may be coming down the line. Let’s all play our part in getting on top of this. Thankfully, our course is now open. We will not be accepting visitors at the minute, firstly because we may be under pressure to cater for our own members, but primarily in response to members’ concerns regarding Covid-19. Level 3 Government guidelines are in place and Golf Ireland have also issued advice. We have done all we can in and around the club. It’s up to all members to continue to act responsibly. Let’s keep safe and look forward to better days as we approach Christmas.

Council has been busy preparing for our AGM which is due in January. The situation is changing rapidly so we have been working on contingency plans to facilitate an AGM. Details will follow when the situation becomes clearer.

It seems our Lotto has run into difficulties with government legislation. There has been a lot of debate over the issue but it now appears likely that we will have to cancel the lotto. In this event, any prize money that is due will be returned to the Club. It is then our intention to raffle this among everyone who has been participating to date. Hopefully this can happen before Christmas but once again details will follow. Many thanks to everyone who contributed in the scheme. It was great while it lasted and a lot of work went into the operation, here and with Ourfundraiser. What a shame! This will leave a shortfall in our income, especially now in what have always been very lean months. Now more than ever we need our members to continue to support the club.

This has been a difficult year. Hopefully we will begin to see light at the end of the tunnel, but for those lucky enough to get out playing again all I can ask is that you enjoy yourselves! Savour every moment and laugh at all the hooks, slices, shanks, yips, thins and fresh airs! Remember, Golf is a game and we are blessed to have the opportunity to play. Enjoy!

Captain Paul

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