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Cclub Statement: Course closure 24/03/2020

Dear Members,

What we feared might happen has happened. As of 5.20 p.m. today GUI and ILGU have recommended that all golf clubs should close. Council have been discussing our response to Covid19 and had already taken the decision that, in order to protect our members, staff and wider public, it would be necessary to close temporarily. The new procedures announced today by the Taoiseach and the GUI/ILGU recommendations simply confirm this decision.

Up to this point our Council and staff have been working tirelessly to minimise the impact of the pandemic and to keep golfers golfing. However, safety and well-being is paramount and with that in mind, although painful, closure is the correct decision.

Therefore as of now North West Golf Club will be closed to all until advised otherwise.

If members want to collect their clubs from the locker rooms, the club will be opened tomorrow, Wednesday, 25th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

As we lick our wounds our prayers and best wishes must go to those affected by the virus and to those helping to deal with it. We, as a club, are facing a great challenge and now, more than ever, we need all our members to pull together. In doing so we will go a long way to ensure that when the crisis passes we will have a club to return to and, once again we can enjoy our great game on our great course.

Paul O’Hea

Hon. Captain

On behalf of Council North West Golf Club

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