Compulsory use of winter mats on fairways

As of Saturday 6th January 2018, all play at NWGC from the fairways will be from winter mats in order to preserve the course.  Use of winter mats provides players with the added benefit of playing from a fairway location after hitting a great drive rather than placing in the rough. Mats are compulsory for all play on the course including Winter Competitions as well as general winter play.  Winter rules are in place to help preventing divots & scarring on fairways until environmental conditions are favourable for growth. You must place the mat within 6″ of your ball that has come to rest on the fairway and then play your shot from this location.  The mats are only to be used when your ball comes to rest on a fairway. Normal “NWGC local winter rules” apply to all other shots from fringe, rough throughout…

Presentation of Trophies 2017

Presentation of Trophies 2017 There was a good turn out for the presentation of trophies from 2017 at the NWGC clubhouse on Sunday 17th December.  Below are the list of prize winners:   SCRATCH CUP 2017 Winner Padraig Maclochlainn Category 2 Terry Meenan Category 3 Liam Barrett Category 4 Andrew Walker     MONTHLY MEDAL 2017 Padraig Maclochlainn DEBONAIR DOUBLES 2017   Declan Bradley & Robbie McFadden   DEBONAIR SINGLES 2017 Michael McLaughlin Jr GOLFER OF THE YEAR 2017 Winner Colin Barlow Runner Up Paul Cassidy       SEASONAL CUP WINNERS 2017 Spring John Roddy Summer Eamon Quigley Autumn Paul O’Hea Winter Colin Barlow   WINTER LEAGUE Winners Joe McColgan/Bosco Reid Runners Up Darren McLaughlin/Hugh McDaid

Thursday Society Hamper – 14 December 2017

Thursday Society Hamper Winners of the Thursday Society Hamper were Padraig Maclochlainn, Joe McGinley and Dudley Coyle. Prizewinners results: 1st P Maclochlainn, Joe McGinley, D Coyle 72 pts 2nd V Quigley, D Fullerton, M Montgomery 69 pts BoT 3rd E Quigley, J Flanagan, G McDaid, I Peoples 69 pts 4th S MacLochlainn, T Kelly, T McElhinney, S P Stewart 68 pts BoT 5th C Barlow, D McAteer, M Kennedy, H Doran 68 pts 6th T Meenan, John McGinley, D Coyle 67 pts BoT 7th J McHugh, E Walker, M Gallagher, C McGill 67 pts 8th M Bradley, M Harley, L Hegarty 66 pts BoT

Thursday Society Hamper

Thursday Society Hamper – 14th December 2017 If your name isn’t included in the draw and you’d like to play, please contact Gary in the shop. Draw:     10.30am   1st Tee Michael Bradley Manus Harley Lawrence Hegarty Gerard Gallagher 10th Tee James McHugh Eamon Walker Michael Gallagher Cecil McGill 12th Tee Gerry Deeney Gerry Coyle Gerry MacFarland Liam Galbraith 14th Tee Maurice Toland Paddy McCourt Tom Crossan Joe McElroy 2nd Tee Stiofan MacLochlainn Tommy Kelly Tony McElhinney Stephen P Stewart      10.38am   1st Tee Michael McLaughlin (J) Dermot McDermott Colm Holmes Stephen Stewart 10th Tee Padraig MacLochlainn Eamon MacManus Joe McGinley Dudley Coyle 12th Tee John O’Brien Brendan Coyle Bernard McDaid Andy Walker 14th Tee Luke Bradley Marcus Roulston Paul Doherty David McElhinney     10.46am   1st Tee Kyle McCarron Bosco Reid John McCallion Terence McCloskey 10th Tee Vincent Quigley…

Semi Finals of the 2017 Winter League

Matches are scheduled to be played on Sunday 3rd December and names are entered on the timesheet. However if both teams agree, they may play their match on a different date but the semi-final matches MUST be completed before Sunday 10th December when the Winter League final match will take place. F McHale, D Coyle V D McLaughlin, H McDaid J McColgan, B Reid V C Barlow, P O’Hea

Hamper Qualifiers up to Sunday 26th November

Attached is list of qualifiers for the Christmas Hamper 2017. If you believe that your name is missing, please contact the Competitions Secretary stating date of qualification. Hamper Qualifiers to 26 November 2017

Christmas Bingo

The family Christmas Bingo begins on Sunday the 3rd December at the club and runs for three weeks…don’t miss out! 6.45pm sharp!

Winter League – Quarter Final Draw

Below is the draw for the Quarter Finals of the 2017 Winter League. Matches are scheduled to be played on Sunday 26th November and names are entered on the timesheet. However if both teams agree, they may play their match on a different date but the quarterfinal matches MUST be completed before Sunday 3rd December when the semi final matches are scheduled to take place. G M Harkin, J McFadden or E O’Boyle, L Barrett V D McLaughlin, H McDaid J McColgan, B Reid V J McDermott, N Harkin F McHale, D Coyle V M McLaughlin, S McGrory D Bradley, R McFadden V C Barlow, P O’Hea

Winter League – Final Qualifying Table and Round of 16 Draw

Final League Table The final league table after 6 qualifying rounds may be viewed by clicking here. Note that in the event of ties, positions were decided on 4th worse score, then on 3rd and 2nd worse scores if required.   Round of 16 Draw Below is the draw for the Round of 16 of the Winter League 2017.  Matches to be played on Sunday 19th November as reserved on Time Sheet.  Teams may decide on different date but match must be complete before quarter finals on Sunday 26th November. G M Harkin, J McFadden V E O’Boyle, L Barrett G Conaty, E Lynch V D Bradley, R McFadden F McHale, D Coyle V E Quigley, V Quigley J Mccolgan, B Reid V M McGrellis, A McGrellis J McDermott, N Harkin V J McGee, S Watson P Doherty, R McLaughlin V D McLaughlin, H…

Winter League – Leaderboard after Week 4

Attached is the Winter League 2017 leader-board after Week 4 of the competition. Leader-board after Week 4