Hole 1 – The Long Green

434 Yards, 427, 411 Par 4 410 Par 5 Ladies Aptly named, this is one of the longest holes on the course, even with the wind at your back. With the wind against you, however, most members are happy to walk off with a five.

Hole 2 – Carryculion

360 Yards, 346, 339 Par4 331 Par4 Ladies One of the most picturesque views of Lough Swilly can be enjoyed standing on the second tee. Pot bunkers on the left and on the approach to the green add more character and difficulty to a relatively short Par 4, this is considered by low handicappers to be a good chance for birdie.

Hole 3 – The Ex’s

162 Yards, 152, 152, Par 3 125 Yards Par 3 Ladies Another hole with out of bounds screaming at you when standing on the tee. This is a testing Par 3. One is better short here rather than having to navigate the severe slope at the back of the green if you are too long.

Hole 4 – Kinnegar

343 Yards, 334, 330, Par 4 326 Par 4 Ladies A shortish par 4 provides the golfer with a reasonable opportunity to make birdie here. Be careful off the tee as too long here can bring the bunkers at centre and left into play.

Hole 5 – Sally’s

407 Yards, 397 376 Par 4 350 Par 4 Ladies A very challenging hole for all levels of golfer would be a good analysis of this deceptive par 4. Bunkers at driving distance off the tee can severely hamper your ambition of making par here. Middle of the green is a good play on your approach.

Hole 6 – Windmill

409 Yards, 404 390 Par 4 362 Par 4 Ladies With the road to the right off the tee the threat of out of bounds still remains. The safe option is to aim between the fifth and sixth fairways but expect a long second shot if that’s your choice.

Hole 7 – The Witches

424 Yards, 419 405 Par 4 387 Par 4 Ladies At index 1 for ladies and gents this is a testing par 4. Landing a drive in the narrow valley is always a good result but still faced with a medium iron and one of the most undulating greens on the course your par is not guaranteed.

Hole 8 – Piffler

139 Yards, 133 133 Par 3 129 Par 3 Ladies Members claim that if you come off this course level par on the Par 3’s you have an excellent score. And on this Par 3 you simply have to hit the target. A bunker at the front and slopes on all other sides make this a real test of iron accuracy.

Hole 9 – The Long Hole

524 Yards, 514 506 Par 5 462 Par 5 The first of the Par 5’s for gents, this is a straight forward hole. Drive to the top of the hill and your second will leave you short of the green. The deep bunkers to the left of the green are difficult to escape from, so steer clear.

Hole 10 – Trews

396 Yards, 386 376 Par 4 363 Par 4 Ladies The road comes into play for the last time in the round and for anyone thinking of bailing out left, the line of bunkers at driving distance make your only option off the tee straight down the middle. Again, the deep bunker to the left of the green should be avoided.

Hole 11 – Doctor’s Folly

373 Yards, 358 349 Par 4 345 Par 4 Ladies The spectacular views off the white tees makes this another of those holes that takes golfers back to the North West time and time again. With a good tee shot out of the way your second will be over the burn and onto an undulating green where the speed of your putt is crucial.

Hole 12 – Gollan

434 Yards, 425 421 Par 4 415 Par 5 Ladies As the longest of the par four’s on the course for the gents, this is considered by many as the hardest hole too. From the tee, straight down the middle gives you a good chance of making a par here. That done, you’ll aim for the Red Lollipop marker directly behind the green. That done, two putts on the green and you have your par. Unless the wind is against!

Hole 13 – The Valley

177 Yards, 168 168 Par 3 131 Par 3 Ladies Turning towards the clubhouse again, this is a tee shot that must hit the target. Deep bunkers to the left and ‘the valley’ to the right makes and up and down a difficult task.

Hole 14 – Jack’s Worry

349 Yards, 339 329 Par 4 322 Par 4 Ladies A blind tee shot makes this what may seem to first time visitors a daunting hole but a solid drive over the fairway marker will set you up for your approach to a large green divided by an upper tier, which when the pin is up on top will require an accurate second shot.

Hole 15 – Inch

370 Yards,362 350 Par 4 307 Par 4 Ladies With the picturesque Inch island firmly in your sights, it’ll be difficult to focus on hitting your drive on this hole. The green has pot bunkers at the front and to the left and is bordered by the old fourth fairway with a drop of 6 feet so be careful on your approach to the green.

Hole 16 – Fairy

93 Yards, 90 90 Par 3 82 Par 3 Ladies One of the North West’s memorable holes and a favourite amongst most members, get it onto the green and you have a realistic chance of birdie, miss the target however and this hole could catch you out.

Hole 17 – Corner of Dyke

407 Yards, 397 397 Par 4 320 Par 4 Ladies The 17th at Lisfannon is a  slight dog-leg left and a good test of any golfers course management abilities. Longer hitters will aim to cross the road at 145 yards from the green to leave a short approach,  but pull it left and you’ll have trouble finding it. A four here will be gladly accepted by most members and a birdie is possible with a good approach.

Hole 18 – MeentiaghS

513 Yards, 505 493 Par 5 415 Par 5 Ladies A great hole to finish the round. Firstly, avoid the fairway bunkers strategically placed at driving distance (there’s even one at the 300 yard mark!) then judge whether you can carry the fairway bunker 110 yards from the green, then you can start thinking about putting down a decent score at the last. The green is relatively flat but is guarded by bunkers on both sides.